Process & Machinery Control

is a leading supplier of quality unused surplus and remanufactured
Distributed Control System components and accessories.
In addition, we provide repair and exchange services for these products.
                            Our specialties are:    ABB/Bailey NETWORK 90, INFI 90
                                                               INVENSYS/Foxboro I/A Series
                                                               Fisher-Rosemount PRoVOX 
 Is your existing DCS now considered obsolete/classic/legacy from the original vendor? Are parts no longer available/removed from support, or just plain exorbitantly priced? Are you unable to justify or cannot afford replacing or 'migrating' your existing system? If so, you have a choice. There is no need to replace it. Process & Machinery Control provides cost-effective replacement and repair of hard-to-find DCS parts. Extend your DCS life while reducing your lifecycle costs. PMC has been protecting our customer's DCS investment for over 14 years
Quick Links to some of our inventory:

                       BAILEY FOXBORO FISHER          
IEMMU11 PO960AW CL7001X1-A6
IEPAS02 PO960JA CL7011X1-A5
IISAC01 PO961BC CP7202X1-A1
IMASI02 PO961FR DH6005X1-DA1
IMASI03 FBM-01 DH7010X1-A1
IMASO01 FBM-02 DM6001X1-GA1
IMCIS02 FBM-03 DM6001X1-KA21
IMDSO04 FBM-04 DM6311X1-A1
IMFEC11 FBM-05 DM6321
IMDSI02 FBM-07 DM6361X1-A1
IMDSO04 FBM-08 DM6363X1-A2
IMFEC11 FBM-09 DM6421X1-A1
IMMFP02 FBM-10 DM6461X1-A4
IMMFP03 IE32 CL7001X1
INICT01 PO400VU DM6462X1-B1
INICT03A DM6462X1-B2